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Why Is Productivity So Weak? Three Theories That Miss The Mark. My Advice? Read Piketty.

The rate of economic output is not increasing much. Or is there work below the surface that will pay big dividends in the future? Source: Why Is Productivity So Weak? Three Theories - The New York Times The answer if obvious. Here is how to see … [Continue reading]

Beware Quick Growth

I just read something in today's Financial Times that made me think about the quick growth in higher education that we undertook in the 60's. "...Economists say it is difficult for any economy to deploy productively such a large amount of capital … [Continue reading]

The College Cares About Truth in Advertising? Oh?

Several companies are using high-pressure tactics, critics say, to persuade international students to enroll in U.S. colleges. Many will need remedial help to succeed. Source: Recruiting Students Overseas to Fill Seats, Not to Meet Standards I … [Continue reading]

Education and Productivity Go Hand in Hand

Once the acute phases of the financial and euro crises were over, it was clear that it would take time for advanced economies to recover. The history of past financial crises gave a clear warning that recovery would typically be long and … [Continue reading]

Demand for H1-B Skilled-Worker Visas Forces Agency Into Lottery – WSJ

U.S. demand for foreign skilled-worker visas surpassed the entire year’s mandated supply within five days, prompting the government to say it will award them through a lottery. Source: Demand for H1-B Skilled-Worker Visas Forces Agency Into Lottery … [Continue reading]

More Than 40% of Student Borrowers Aren’t Making Payments – WSJ

More than 40% of Americans who borrowed from the government’s main student-loan program aren’t making payments or are behind on more than $200 billion owed, raising worries that millions of them may never repay. Source: More Than 40% of Student … [Continue reading]

A Sad Example, One of Many

After freshman year, grants and scholarships may disappear for any number of reasons — some justified, some not. Source: Why Upperclassmen Lose Financial Aid - The New York Times I commented. This young lady sounds depressingly like another … [Continue reading]

The Best in Alia Wong’s Atlantic Series

Student applicants are treated like consumers. Source: How the U.S. News Ranks Make Applying to College A Commercial Experience - The Atlantic Here is what I wrote. I'm a former math professor. I taught at an "elite" school - Washington … [Continue reading]