The Gift of Education –

The Gift of Education –

This is a nice column.  I liked it, but felt that it was important to add the following comment.

“But make sure – after you have toasted all of those wonderful people devoted to helping with education – that you throw your drink in the face of all of those people and institutions (mainly of higher education), that see tuition, endowments, and government funding, as opportunities for self-aggrandizement.

Though we may win the fight to get people to school we are losing the fight to see that those students actually get an “education” – at least here in America we are losing it.

There are too many scoundrels in higher education (which of course is where teachers either learn or, more likely, don’t.) and too many methods that those scoundrels use for their own purposes. (To see some of them see my blog inside-higher-ed)

Let’s do toast all the people struggling to make things better; and then help them fend off those who would get in their way.

Finally, I toast the Times for keeping higher education in the spotlight.”

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