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No Jobs for Ph.D’s? Depends on what you mean by Ph.D.

Jordan Weissman has again posted an excellent article – with good graphics – in the Atlantic.  This one is titled “The Ph.D Bust: America’s Awful Market for Young Scientists—in 7 Charts” (  (He had a previous article about the cost of textbooks, which I reference in my post,…nd-some-advice/. So, why aren’t these “Ph.D’s” getting jobs?  If […]

Comparing College Value – Caveat Emptor

There is an article in yesterday’s (February 5) USA TODAY about the The Princeton Review’s list of “…150 schools that offer the best bang for the buck…” The article explains how the schools were picked by the Princeton Review.  It says that “…they are demanding academically…” which is defined in the article (and, thus, […]