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St. Louis focuses on more college degrees.

I commented on the air on this local NPR show.  Here is the link to the show I didn’t comment until about 10 minutes before the end.  I found the first guest’s comment after I finished interesting since he is working to generate more college degrees.  He said he had never really thought about […]


Quite an impressive performance on the Putnam Exam!  What I think is most impressive is the overall performance on the exam, with so many students  doing so well.  Though not easy, it is not as hard to field a team of 3 to win the team competition.  A relatively good school with one or two good […]

Median Starting Salaries for College Graduates $27,000 or $40,735?

According to “…employer-based data…[of] actual starting salaries…” the median is $40,735 for 2011.  This number was reported by the National Association of Colleges and Employers. ( According to a survey by Knoledge Networks (, which has the “…only nationally representative sample of young people…that can be surveyed online…” it is $27,000 for “…those coming into the workforce […]

Economic Policy Institute Report on STEM jobs misses crucial point.

Another article by Jordan Weissmann of The Atlantic appeared. It talks about a widely disseminated report from the EPI.  Unfortunately, that report seems to equate DEGREE with EDUCATION.  Here is a copy of what I posted in response. “I don’t doubt that corporations focus on profits and that H1B visas can be a tool for them. […]