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High Unemployment for Recent Grads in Info Systems, Comp. Sci., and Engineering

Today’s USA Today has a good article on unemployment for recent grads. ( I commented with my views. “After spending over a quarter of a century as a college professor, this does not surprise me. It does sadden me.  We are seeing the observations of Clark Kerr (“…This shift from academic merit to student consumerism […]

Dartmouth Also Has a 3-2 Program. How Does It Compare to Wash.U. and Columbia?.

Here are the differences that stand out to me. (1) Dartmouth has a list of 19 schools that it participates with.  Wash. U.’s list has 86 and Columbia’s has 102. (2) Unlike Wash. U. and Columbia, Dartmouth doesn’t seem to guarantee admission.  Wash. U. and Columbia appear to guarantee admission to students with a specified […]

Washington University Engineering Says Northwest Missouri’s Calculus and Physics is “Equivalent” to Theirs

There is an article in today’s NY Times that mentions Randolph College and some of the problems they, and others, are having filling freshman slots. I commented and will include that at the bottom of this post.  But first this. Randolph College is one of the schools affiliated with Washington University’s 3-2 Engineering Program.  […]

Columbia University – Another 3-2 Program Like Wash. U.’s?

Maybe.  I won’t make this post long.  I will just give the links. Here is the link to the list of affiliate schools for Columbia: Here is the link to the program “guarenteed admissions” information: In a later post, I will explain why I think it matters and why I think these programs may be just money […]

Want to be an Engineering Major at an “Elite” School But Your ACT Composite is 25? Washington University in St. Louis Has a Special Program For You.

First, about the program. This is from Wash. U.’s website: “…Washington University in St. Louis (WUSTL) cooperates with a select [itlalics added for emphasis] group of affiliated colleges and universities to offer the opportunity to earn a liberal arts degree (from their current school) and an undergraduate engineering degree (from WUSTL). Participants are undergraduate students […]

What the Engineering School at Washington University in St. Louis Wants You to Know – And What It DOESN’T Want You To Know

They want you to know: that “…the average SAT verbal and math scores … for admitted undergraduate students…” in 2013 was Math 762, Verbal 722.  Here is the link to the Engineering School’s Spring 2013 issue of Engineering Momentum, a magazine that they publishe. (Go to page 3, the “At A Glance” page and […]

Times Post Relies In Part On Report From Questionable Source

Here is the link to the article. (Also, my previous post is a comment on this article.) I have commented before on the National Association of Colleges and Employers here Median Starting Salaries for College Graduates $27,000 or $40,735? | Inside Higher Education Here is my comment on the Times site: “This post reports […]

NY Times Post on Academic Advising Is Good But Needs to Address Issues of Trust

The NY Times had a recent article on Saturday (“Frayed Prospects, Despite a Degree”) and this follow up post about the lack of advice about majors The problem is probably more than a lack of advice.  The question is, when the advice is available, can it be trusted?  Here is the comment I made. […]

How to Make Calculus Students Believe They Know Calculus When They Don’t

(Or any other subject for that matter)  Here is how to do it. Step One:  Teach at a selective (or, better yet, highly selective) school.  That way the students start off feeling they are specially gifted.  (They may be brilliant but calculus is hard for most people; that is, the real thing is hard.  “Hard” simply […]