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Good Short Article in The Atlantic with Informative Table.

Here is the link to the article Here is my comment: “Just read what Bill Gross, the billionare bond investor of Pimco wrote: “…Universities are run for the benefit of the adult establishment, both politically and financially, not students. To radically change the system and to question the sanctity of a college education would […]

UPenn Vice-Provost Encourages More Tests But There is a Rub.

Prof Emanuel, Vice Provost and Professor at the Univ. of Penn., has a nice article on testing in The New Republic  He has a good idea.  But will it really be testing when put into practice?  I directed his readers to my article.  Here is what I wrote. “As someone who taught mathematics for […]

Is The Atlantic Right to Report on a Report the Way it Did?

I previously commented on an article about a paper by the president of Northwestern, Northwestern President Publishes Study About Northwestern And the National Bureau of Economic Research Publishes It? The paper apparently is getting lots of publicity and The Atlantic published a second post on it, I don’t agree with some of the reporter’s […]

How Much Do Universities and Administrators Really Care About Education? New Article on Higher Ed

I believe that this article is the most enlightening addition that I can make to the debate on higher education.  I hope all of you have time to read it. Here is the link to the page with the article It is also on the top menu. Here is a direct link to the paper ATaleOutofSchool

Community Colleges Work to Keep Students – Maybe Danger Ahead?

There is an informative article in the WSJ, Community Colleges Try to Revamp Image to Keep Students In Bid to Boost Graduation Rates, Schools Add Housing and Other Perks Their approach may be ok, but I wrote that I worry, since “The shortest path to more graduation is littered with less education. That’s the path […]

Added New Page “Guide to Most Essential Posts…”

Here is the link: A Guide to the Most Essential Posts For Understanding Higher Ed It is also in the menu above.

Wonderful Essay on Education and Society in WSJ

Here is the link: It was hard to comment on this article since it was so good.  I agree with it wholeheartedly.  I did add information that readers of this blog already know.  Here is what I wrote. “Thank you for this wonderful essay. From my perspective as a former professor, I think it […]

Elite University Extension (Night, Etc..) Schools – Do You Get The School’s Education?

First, in this day and time, who knows? It may be better.  It may be worse, but it is an important topic and there is a nice piece in The Atlantic by someone who attended Harvard’s Extension School. I wanted to add my experience to the discussion.  I hope it will help inform people.  […]

Are Some US News Top Ranked Schools Not Really Preparing STEM Grads Well?

The National Science Foundation published a list of the top 50 schools for producing graduates that go on to a doctorate in Science or Engineering.  This should be a decent measure of how well they are educating their STEM undergrads.  (You can find the list with some additional info added here: Baccalaureate to Ph.D. in […]