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Caroline Hoxby’s Economic Model – Does It Help Explain “A Tale Out Of School” And Other Behaviors?

Maybe it does.  Here is a link to a paper where Prof. Hoxby (Prof. of Econ. at Bekelely, formerly at Harvard and a MacArthur Fellow) describes two models of of institutions of higher education: The models are described in the first part of the paper.  Prof. Hoxby “…contrast[s] nonselective postsecondary education (NSPE) in which institutions sell fairly standardized […]

Statisticallyl Interesting Report

In my previous post “Highly Educated” (From The Atlantic)?  I Say Maybe “Highly Degreed” I referenced Jordan Weissmann’s Atlantic article I think his statistics are wrong but very interesting and I expressed this in my comment. “If 84% of all of today’s 27 year olds have some college, then the number of 27 year olds with […]

“Highly Educated” (From The Atlantic)? I Say Maybe “Highly Degreed”

Actually, Jordan Weissmann has posted interesting news about a study by the Dept.. of Ed., but I must take him to task about his interpretation . “I am former college professor, who has spent almost a lifetime observing how much of higher education is essentially a scam on students and their parents.  I feel compelled […]

Liberal Arts and Money – A Comment

Jordan Weissmann of The Atlantic posted an article titled “Money Is a Terrible Way to Measure the Value of a College Major” I commented on what I feel is the pecuniary value of a liberal arts education, and, on how earnings might reflect the quality of the liberal arts courses in a school.  Here is […]

Thoughts About Change

I posted some thoughts about change in higher education on Carnegie Mellon’s website.  I wrote it as a comment on their news page  The page contains information about their prescence at Davos. I have been reading a book on governance and found it interesting with respect to how universities might be changed.  I talked about […]

Andrew Simmons in The Atlantic on “The Danger of Telling Poor Kids That College Is the Key to Social Mobility”

Here is the link: This is my comment, which explains my view on the essay.  (For some reason The Atlantic rejected this comment for a couple of days, before posting it.)  I think the article itself is good and worth reading. “The thought behind this essay is so well-meaning that I am loathe to […]

Jordan Weissman at The Atlantic Reports on a New Federal Reserve Report on Underemployment

You can read his article here  You will find a link to the Fed’s paper. Unfortunately, when the Fed looks at the data they leave out recent grads who are still in school, even part-time.  I posted two comments that give my view on this and other aspects of the article.  Here they are. […]

An Informative Comment on My Post, “Duke University Professor Calls It Like It Is”

Someone responded to my recent comment on a Chronicle of Higher Education article. (See  Duke University Professor Calls It Like It Is) I find the person’s observation, though anecdotal like mine, as more evidence that what I have seen is not unusual.  Here is part of what they wrote. “I read your Washington U. tale, and found it believable […]

Video of Dog Walking Grand Rapids Style!

I have been vacationing and friends thought I should post this old video I took a while back in Grand Rapids, MI.  It’s fun, short and an interesting idea.  So, here it is. Dog Walking – Grand Rapids Syle!