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Just Data Is Not Enough When College Changed So Much in Thirty Years

I posted this thought on the following article. The Jobless Rate for Community-College Graduates Is Also Low – Mr. Leonhardt is confronted with a big problem in trying to understand higher education in America just from data and then concluding that college is contributing to the economy in an overwhelming way. The problem is […]

Value of College – Continued

The Value of College: It’s Not Just Correlation – I just posted a comment I made on the above article.  I added a second comment.  Two people responded.  I think the two responses are informative, of both thinking and facts.  I will post all the comments. MY COMMENT: Today’s college “degree” is not your […]

Another Piece on Value of College by David Leonhardt: Still Wrong Focus

The Value of College: It’s Not Just Correlation – In the above column, David Leonhardt, continues to point out that a college degree is, on average, valuable. I tried to explain (again) in my comment why the fact that today’s college degree is more valuable than today’s high school degree, doesn’t mean that today’s college […]

Is College Worth It? Over Today’s “College Dumbed Down” High Schools, Maybe.

Is College Worth It? Clearly, New Data Say – Here is my view:   “Though there seems to be a paradox – a college degree is becoming more valuable, while a college education is getting worse – the answer is staring us in the face. Here is the explanation in two (of many) personal […]

“Greek Life Shown to Be Linked to Real-Life Happiness” (But What Is the Link?)

This is in today’s WSJ, Greek Life Shown to Be Linked to Real-Life Happiness – Here is how I see it (which I put in a comment). “Before jumping to conclusions about why students who were Greeks lead happier lives, everyone should read “Paying for the Party – How College Maintains Inequality” by Armstrong […]

No One Wants to Be Rated

This is in today’s Wash. Post. Rating colleges is ‘like rating a blender’ — Education Department official Even though I don’t know yet what the Obama’s rating system will be and I have serious qualms, we need something, as I expressed on today’s article. “Rating, ranking, etc…is a problem. But the system we have now […]

Wall St. Journal Article on a Graduate Here in St. Louis

An outrageous, sad, but too often true, story: For New Graduates, Path to a Career Is Bumpy – Here was my comment: “What happened to this young woman is outrageous. I’m a retired math professor. I live in St. Louis. Years ago I taught at SIUE (Southern Ill. Univ. at Edwardsville). It is similar […]

Telling Story on Carnegie-Mellon’s Homepage

Committed to ‘EXCEL’ – Carnegie Mellon University | CMU. Here is what is telling to me.  Instead of responding to students having difficulties with hard courses by either grade inflation or content deflation, they are actually just helping the students learn the material. Here is what I wrote: I hope that present and prospective students […]

“The Chronicle of Higher Education” Shows How A Good Idea Becomes A Dangerous Idea

Note the headline of this from a frontpage article of the May 16 Chronicle, A Caring Professor May Be Key in How a Graduate Thrives – Administration – The Chronicle of Higher Education. The article focuses little on the second part of this statement from the Gallup Report, “…Feeling supported and having deep learning experiences […]