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Frank Bruni’s Piece in Today’s NY Times: More Symptoms

The Wilds of Education – I commented.  For readers of this blog, I will put my last paragraph first. Last Paragraph “If someone had no idea what a university was, and only learned about them from reading the papers (rape scandals, football scandals, law school scandals, overseas building scandals, misleading educational standards, etc…), would […]

Insightful: Why Poor Students Struggle –

Why Poor Students Struggle –

A Look at Stats on College Costs and Aid – WSJ

A Look at Stats on College Costs and Aid – WSJ. I’m providing this link for readers.  (I also added a comment.) “Expectations are usually based on past experience. In this case they shouldn’t be. In most parents’ college experience- around 1980 – a college degree required about 20 hours of study per week. Now […]

Why Federal Ratings Might Not Do Anything

This is another comment on. Why Federal College Ratings Won’t Rein In Tuition – (The first comment is here.) “Colleges have ashown themselves adept at “solving for the winning solution”(as in “need fewer transfers to get a higher US News ranking?”, just add to dorms, subract from educational requirements, problem solved). Of course, no […]

High Tuition is a Gigantic Problem – But It Isn’t “The Problem”

Why Federal College Ratings Won’t Rein In Tuition – I made the following comment. A federal system of transparency and accountability is critical. But cost is not the most important reason. As the author notes, “..Economic theory predicts… INFORMED [my emphasis] consumers will choose the cheapest option that meets their needs…” Almost by definition, […]

For Wage Growth, You Need Education in Real Terms – Not Nominal Terms

Pay pressure – See Pikety for the conditions for reducing inequality.  Anyway, I tried to point this out.  Here is what I wrote. ” The cause of the stagnation in the US should be clear to anyone who looks. It is the businessification and corruption of one of a democracy’s most important institutions – […]

A Wonderful Program For Students

‘A National Admissions Office’ for Low-Income Strivers – Though it appears to be a great program started by a caring couple, I did comment as follows, “I taught at both a regional state school and one of the country’s most selective schools. The difference was like night and day and this program is a […]

Washington U. in St. Louis is a Standout on NY Times Graph – See Why

Look at this article for the graph. Making Top Colleges Less Aristocratic and More Meritocratic – What is interesting is how Wash. U. brags that they do the opposite of what the graph shows.  Look here for what I mean by that. I posted this comment on the Times article.  (Someone didn’t agree what I wrote and […]

Why Brooks, Friedman and Bruni Have a Problem Understanding Today’s Corrupt University System

I think it must be that people like Friedman, Bruni and Brooks, who had such a different, and probably wonderful, experience in college and with their professors – different from what is most students experience today – that they just can’t believe how much has changed. Here is their  background.  (It is this background that I […]