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Colleges’ New Aid Target Sometimes is Just a Way to Make More “Profit”, Especially at Private Schools.

Colleges’ New Aid Target: the Middle Class – WSJ. Here was my comment. “Most private universities have only raised their published tuition. For over a decade, their net tuition has remained fairly constant.  Basically, they give a discount by calling it “financial aid”.  (I think economists call it discriminatory pricing, a way to maximize revenue and  profit.) […]

Your Grandmother’s Calculus!

This is a link to a Single Variable Calculus course as taught in 1970 at MIT. Calculus Revisited: Single Variable Calculus | MIT OpenCourseWare. Having this course, with videos, transcript and problems is a wonderful resource. Comparing this course with today’s courses helps us see what it really means, in terms of learning, for faculty to require so much less study effort for […]

The Gift of Education –

The Gift of Education – This is a nice column.  I liked it, but felt that it was important to add the following comment. “But make sure – after you have toasted all of those wonderful people devoted to helping with education – that you throw your drink in the face of all of […]

Good Essay in Today’s Times: “Your Waitress, Your Professor”

I recommend this. Your Waitress, Your Professor – In addition to being a good essay, this op-ed, when combined with some outside facts, makes another point. “By looking at one of the English Comp courses that Ms. Brandon teaches one can get a scary glimpse into today’s college scene – a scene where too many […]

Harvard President Misses What College Really Is in Most of the Country

Harvard President Faust on federal college ratings, campus sexual assault and more – The Washington Post. I commented. “I have read Pres. Faust’s speech. I read it as a former professor, (I taught at Wash. U. in St. Louis.) As it is, it is highly misleading – probably due to a lack of Pres. Faust’s […]

NY Times Notes “Steep Slide in Law School Enrollment”, But Misses Big Factor

A Steep Slide in Law School Enrollment Accelerates – “I pointed out the factor with this comment. Why isn’t anyone addressing the “elephant in the room”? Surely, its recognition by potential law students and their parents has an effect on attendance. And what is the elephant? Scott Turow has called legal education an “unscrupulous […]

Are You a College With a “Low-Performing” or “At-Risk” Teacher Preparation Program? Want a Grant For Programs with “High-Quality Teacher” Programs? No Problem.

I’m reading about the new proposed Federal Teacher Preparation Rules.  (They look ok to me, so far.)  In any case, I came across this.  It is reminiscent of the program I wrote about here. (See Note below.) “…a teacher preparation program must provide high-quality teacher preparation in order to be eligible to award TEACH Grants. […]

Hopefully, the Department of Education Is On The Right Track

Improving Teacher Preparation: Building on Innovation | U.S. Department of Education. I am putting a link to this so that readers are aware of it.  In the meantime I will be reading the proposed rule and commenting on it, both here and on the government site for comments.

Research Indicates Even Top Departments Calling A No-Go For a PhD, a Guess What? A PhD!

Here is a link to the paper.  (I will make my point after quoting from the paper.) JEP (28,3) p. 205 – The Research Productivity of New PhDs in Economics: The Surprisingly High Non-success of the Successful. Here is an important conclusion quoted from the paper. “…At the majority of the departments ranked in the top […]