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Nationwide Test Shows Dip in Students’ Math Abilities (NY Times)  I Say,  It’s Not Going to Stop Until It’s Stopped

Education officials said the decline in scores was unexpected, but could be related to changes ushered in by the Common Core standards. Source: Nationwide Test Shows Dip in Students’ Math Abilities – The New York Times I commented as follows. The major reason for poor math performance is clear to me. It’s due to unscrupulous […]

Can You Get Smarter? I Saw It All the Time

There is much that you can do to keep cognitively sharp. Source: Can You Get Smarter? – The New York Times When I wrote this I felt like I was boasting (not a pleasant feeling) but the topic is too important to not tell the truth. Here it is. This piece fits with my experience […]

An Admissions Surprise (Or a Marketing Ploy?)

Exclusive schools say they want more diversity. Will a new application process really get them there? Source: An Admissions Surprise From the Ivy League – The New York Times I commented. Since my comments use – as examples –  Washington University’s Chancellor Mark Wrighton and Provost Holden Thorp, here are links to closely related stories about […]

Link to Wash. U. Leaders’ Comments on Aid to Low Income Students

This is the copy I uploaded to my blog. Wrighton_Thorp_Pell_2013-11-22_minutes Here is the original link. Search for Thorp to read about his tenure as President at U. of North Carolina.

Link to Repayment Data

This data was referred to by Kevin Carey and me. Here is the link. College Scorecard Data  

Outraged By For-Profits? What About the Rest?

The industry has been excoriated for preying on the poor, veterans and minorities, charging exorbitant fees for degrees that mostly don’t deliver promised jobs and skills. Source: For-Profit Colleges Accused of Fraud Still Receive U.S. Funds – The New York Times I tried to point out the rest with this comment. The government’s problem is […]

“Is Money Corrupting Research?” Corrupt People Corrupt Research.

Elizabeth Warren was right to expose the academic-financial complex. Source: Is Money Corrupting Research? – The New York Times It’s not money. It’s corrupt people that are corrupting research – and higher education. I know. I have seen lives and careers almost destroyed by these people. Money helps, though for them the money is just […]

Student Debt Is Worse Than You Think – The New York Times

(This is a second comment on this article.  The previous one is here.)   This information is sadly no surprise to me. In the 80’s I was a math professor at a regional state school.  What I saw there was shocking and disturbing.  (I tried to change it, but to no avail, and with much […]

Why Pretend?

Data on non-repayment rates shows a new dimension of the problem, particularly with for-profit colleges and historically black institutions. Source: Student Debt Is Worse Than You Think – The New York Times I had to take the opportunity to comment that “The Academic-Financial Complex runs what I call a “pass-through” scheme. I understand the academic part well […]