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“America’s Broken Democracy” by Jeffrey D. Sachs Misses the Main Point: Money Can’t Trick Education, at Least Not So Easily

Source: America’s Broken Democracy by Jeffrey D. Sachs – Project Syndicate Here is the comment that I posted. Thomas Jefferson saw clearly how to prevent the system being overcome by what he called “kings, priests and nobles”. Here is what he wrote. “…Preach…a crusade against ignorance…improve the law for educating the common people. Let our […]

Cheating and “Retention”

This story ran in the NY Times: As Computer Coding Classes Swell So Does Cheating . I began to wonder if a general concern for actual “education” – at least in courses where major corporations would care – was making an appearance again. I couldn’t help but remember A Tale Out of School and I wrote this comment. Washington […]