A Few Highlights from My Teaching Career

  • Offered independent summer classes (not through any university). Students were  given credit for the course at some elite schools. (For example, the Chair of the Math Dept at MIT approved the course for credit.)
  • Taught for over two decades at a top 15 US News ranked National University.
  • Mentored a high school student who won the American Mathematical Society’s Menger Award – First Place.  He also came in second in math in the prestigious Intel Science Talent Search (previously known as the Westinghouse).
  • Some Courses Taught:  Calculus, Differential Equations, Linear Algebra, Mathematical Probability, Mathematical Statistics, Intro Statistics, Complex Variables, Intro to Fourier Analysis, Intro to Hankel Operators
  • As a graduate student I published the proof of a theorem that is now used in one of the standard texts in graduate school.
  • Have developed teaching approaches that will be described later.
  • For over a decade, taught outstanding high school students a second year (multivariable) calculus course.  When they asked for it, they also recieved credit at schools that include MIT, Havard, Yale and Princeton.  This is something these schools do not always do. (For example, to see what Princeton requires in a math course, see http://www.math.princeton.edu/undergraduate/freshman-faq#t239n1493)
  • You can find a few student comments about me here: Testimonials