An Admissions Surprise (Or a Marketing Ploy?)

Exclusive schools say they want more diversity. Will a new application process really get them there?

Source: An Admissions Surprise From the Ivy League – The New York Times

I commented. Since my comments use – as examples –  Washington University’s Chancellor Mark Wrighton and Provost Holden Thorp, here are links to closely related stories about them.

Wrighton on helping students with need. (Search under “Wrighton” for more.)

Thorpe and a scandal at U. of North Carolina (Search under “Thorp” for more.)

Now, here is my comment on the Times piece.

Read these comments from the Provost and the Chancellor at one of the members of the coalition. Then decide for yourself if some coalition members are just “…making hollow promises to low-income kids…”

(These comments are from Faculty of Arts and Sciences 22 November 2013 Meeting at Washington Univ. in St. Louis. A link to the minutes can be found on my blog inside-higher-ed .)

“…Provost Holden Thorp [Google him, or search in the NY Times for his intriguing background as resigned President of U. of North Carolina.] declared that improving diversity was among the things he had come to Washington U. to do…He affirmed the University’s commitment to taking care of admitted students in terms of financial aid…[he went on to note] that each 1 percent increase in the number of these students will cost $3 million from the budget…

…Chancellor Wrighton pointed out that $3 million per year in new spending on financial aid would require a $60 million increase in the endowment ..[he]said that the… Student’s financial need comes into consideration late in process of admission. The University presently

needs a certain number of full-tuition students…”

It should be noted that total net assets of the university June 2014 were $8.8 Billion, and increase of $917 Million over the previous year.

I know what conclusion I reach, and, I have little doubt that what I see at Wash. U. is little different than what one could discover at many of these schools.

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