Making America Great Again Isn’t Just About Money and Power – The New York Times

No, it’s about education.  Here is my comment. Op-Eds like this are insightful, well thought out, and well argued, but – and it’s a gigantic “but”, with a gigantically hard solution – what proportion of today’s voters will ever hear this argument, or even understand it if they did? And why? Let’s skip the obvious […]

Why Is Productivity So Weak? Three Theories That Miss The Mark. My Advice? Read Piketty.

The rate of economic output is not increasing much. Or is there work below the surface that will pay big dividends in the future? Source: Why Is Productivity So Weak? Three Theories – The New York Times The answer if obvious. Here is how to see it. First, do a search for “diffusion of knowledge” […]

Donald Trump Isn’t Alone in Exploiting the Word ‘University’

Students have been taught to trust places called universities, even though few of them actually are. Source: Donald Trump Isn’t Alone in Exploiting the Word ‘University’ Mr. Carey has nailed it when it comes to how some institutions exploit the public trust, but he missed the most important institutions. Let me explain. I spent three […]

Prof. Mankiw Has Not a Clue

There are three forces at work that are making college increasingly expensive. So what should we do about it? Source: Three Reasons for Those Hefty College Tuition Bills I posted two comments. I’m a former math professor (I taught at Wash. U. in St. Louis.) and am well aware of the flaw in arguing – […]

Student Debt Is Worse Than You Think – The New York Times

(This is a second comment on this article.  The previous one is here.)   This information is sadly no surprise to me. In the 80’s I was a math professor at a regional state school.  What I saw there was shocking and disturbing.  (I tried to change it, but to no avail, and with much […]

Why Pretend?

Data on non-repayment rates shows a new dimension of the problem, particularly with for-profit colleges and historically black institutions. Source: Student Debt Is Worse Than You Think – The New York Times I had to take the opportunity to comment that “The Academic-Financial Complex runs what I call a “pass-through” scheme. I understand the academic part well […]

Very Important Elucidating New Data

At some expensive colleges, the salaries of students 10 years after enrollment are bleak, and there is an earnings gender gap at every top university. Source: Gaps in Alumni Earnings Stand Out in Release of College Data – The New York Times I commented on the article, but I will be posting more comments about […]

How to Measure a College’s Value

An ambitious survey finds that brand matters less than other factors in graduates’ future contentment. Source: How to Measure a College’s Value My comment. (In reply to Outside the Box, who wrote that The study does not adjust for the fact that different kinds of students go to different colleges. “You probably make a good […]

New Data Gives Clearer Picture of Student Debt – But What About Student Assets? Do They Have Them? AND What Data? Appropriate Data? I’m Afraid Not

The increases in debt and default rates are concentrated among students at for-profit and community colleges, even though those students borrow less on average. Source: New Data Gives Clearer Picture of Student Debt – The New York Times Here was my comment. Two points, one just about data, the other simple business sense. First, the […]