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Wash. Post Columnist Asks “Is a college degree the new high school diploma?”

Here is the link: I wrote, As a former math professor, I can assure the author that “a” college degree is not necessarily “just” a high school degree. That’s too optimistic. You have to start with college “courses”. Most are not your grandmother’s college course, maybe not even her her high school course. There are […]

You Sure You Got That?

And now for a little humour. This is from a book by one of the most famous fly fishermen of all time. You don’t have to know anything about fishing; just pay attention to the math. “…to know what…size tippet to use, divide the size of the hook by three…” In case that is not […]

What Does the Syllabus Really Tell You? And How to Find Out What is Really Taught.

A reader looked at this year’s syllabus for the course that I wrote about in A Tale Out of School. The reader commented that there was nothing wrong with what this year’s syllabus covers.  Let’s look deeper and ask what covers means. For those who have read A Tale Out of School,  you may have […]

Time for Some Humor!

The future has arrived, and it’s the thinnest of envelopes. Source: College Admissions Shocker! – The New York Times

Changed The Heading To Add This Wonderful Quote

“When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time.”  – Maya Angelou

These 25 schools are responsible for the greatest advances in science

Source: These 25 schools are responsible for the greatest advances in science I think this is a good way to see if a school provides a quality undergraduate education.  I suggest that you compare these schools with the ones I ranked here.

“…if the teacher doesn’t know enough mathematics, she will answer the simple question and shut down the other, more difficult one…”

Source: The Math Revolution The quote I posted here is the most important one from the article above.  That is because, it is not hard to teach teachers; it’s hard to stop scoundrels.  Anyway, here is my comment. I’m a retired math professor. Here is the problem with most math in America and it should […]

How Are the Problems Going to Be Fixed When Sr. Policy Analysts Don’t Know.

Source: The Washington Monthly I hope this analyst reads my comment and looks into the real problems.  Here is what I wrote. The author doesn’t seem to recognize that the problem is not when you get a college degree. It’s that so few college degrees actually come with a college education. Whatever you may think […]