Excellent WSJ Article on AP

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Here was my comment.

I am a retired math professor who, for years, taught gifted high school students that had completed AP calculus and who went on to attend elite schools.  I have a blog (See below.) where, by clicking on the category “AP”, you can read about AP courses, so I will just summarize here.

AP courses are designed for the lowest common denominator. (Read  Prof. Mark Bauerlein on my blog.) They have been dumbed down, and other important materiel has been skipped so that students can take AP courses. Here is my take on why this has happened.

High schools want to brag about how many of their students take “advanced” courses.  AP tests are dumbed down so that they can do just that.  In the meantime, students and parents are misled.  But many colleges have been scamming students since the 80’s, so what’s new?



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