Important Paper on the Value of a Good Teacher (from a MacArthur Award Winner)

Raj Chetty (MacArthur Award Winner, HS Valedictorian, Harvard Summa Cum Laude [in only 3 years], Harvard PhD in Economics [in only 3 years], now a Harvard Professor) and his colleagues, John N. Friedman (Harvard) and Jonah E. Rockoff published “The Long-Term Impacts of Teachers: Teacher Value-Added And Student Outcomes in Adulthood.”  I will be posting a comment on how I think their results should fundamentally impact higher education policy.  For now, though, I feel it is important to post just one of the conclusions that they infer from their 94 page paper that draws on data from 2.5 million students.  I think this will show the impact of their work.

“…From a purely financial perspective, high income parents should be willing to pay about $6,500/yr to get [a teacher in the 84th percentile vs. one at the 50th percentile].”

Details to follow.

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