Is a Ph.D. Holder a Qualified Ph.D.? Not Always

As the supply of doctorate holders grows and their academic job prospects dwindle, schools take steps to help graduates find work beyond the academy.

Source: Job-Seeking Ph.D. Holders Look to Life Outside School

My comment.

Advice from a retired math professor:  Don’t be fooled by a doctoral degree- or the offer of one.

Here is a real life example.

Prof. X graduated a new Ph.D. who is now an outstanding researcher who has made great contributions to math.  That’s good for Prof. X’s reputation, his university, the student’s university, society, everybody.

This same Prof. X graduated a new Ph.D. who had trouble with a standard calculus problem.  Let me explain who that is good for.

It’s good for the government’s “national need” program – a program designed to “produce” more American “professors”.

It’s good for Prof. X.  He received a big grant to “produce” these new professors. 

It’s good for Prof. X’s school.  They get an “overhead” fee from the gov’t.

Prof. X’s reputation among his peers isn’t hurt.  Who cares about some student who becomes a “professor” at some regional state school.

Who gets hurt? Almost everyone else.

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