“Meal Plan Costs Tick Upward as Students Pay for More Than Food” They Pay For More Than Education, Too!

Universities are embracing lucrative deals with dining contractors to help pay for campus improvements, but critics say students often pay for them in the rising costs of meal plans.

Source: Meal Plan Costs Tick Upward as Students Pay for More Than Food – The New York Times

I wrote.

I’m a former professor. This is only one example – of many – that illustrate what “higher education” (in quotes, because in most cases, it is neither) is really about.

The bond king, Bill Gross, explained it well.

“…Universities are run for the benefit of the adult establishment, both politically and financially, not students…” (For the complete quote and a link to the original, see my blog inside-higher-ed .)

What is most pernicious about this decades long development is not the money that is wasted; it is the minds that are wasted.

It is much easier to realize that a university is not giving you food value for your money than it is for students (uneducated by definition) to realize that they aren’t getting the education they need and deserve for their money.

As a professor, I saw that in spades; when I taught at a regional state school, and when I taught at Washington University in St. Louis. That is why I decided to start a blog where I post documented examples of cases worse than the one described here. People to be aware of just how corrupt our system has become


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