NYT “Years of Ethics Charges, but Star Cancer Researcher Gets a Pass”Larger Questions? You Bet!

Source: Years of Ethics Charges, but Star Cancer Researcher Gets a Pass – The New York Times

I wrote:

Here is the “..Large Question..” and its Obvious Answer. (Even though I’m a professor, please don’t sleep through this.)

Larger Question: Given that universities can, and do, gain through unscrupulous behavior, can we really believe that these behaviors would stop with their “claim” of educating students? (Sorry for my use of the antiquated term for “consumers”)

Obvious Answer: No

To understand the real workings in the bowels of academe, see my blog inside-higher-ed . Click on “The Purloined Proof” to read a tale that complements today’s TImes’ story. More importantly, read “A Tale Out of School” to see how these same scoundrels consciously, purposely, and scandalously rob students of their education. Finally, click on the category on how higher education dumbs down K-12, to see how all of this is dumbing down a large part of our country.

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