“Platinum Pay in Ivory Towers” Op-Ed Shows Frank Bruni is on to Something – That’s Good

The excessive salaries of some college presidents send a message at odds with higher education. Source: Platinum Pay in Ivory Towers – NYTimes.com I commented as follows. “..ostensible mission of academia..” Great word, “ostensible”. Here is how they get away with fooling us. “..advantage can..be taken of [students] by unscrupulous instructors and institutions..the student estate […]

Colleges’ Use of Adjunct Instructors Comes Under Pressure – WSJ

Colleges’ Use of Adjunct Instructors Comes Under Pressure – WSJ. I commented. “What matters is not whether a university uses adjuncts;  what matters is how a university sees its students and what goals the administrators have for themselves.   If the university sees students as naïve consumers; and the administrators’ goals are self-aggrandizement (from rankings and money), then the university will fit David Riesman’s  description,   […]

How Did They Become Adjuncts? And Are They All the Same? I Don’t Think So.

There is a sad article in The Atlantic. The Adjunct Revolt: How Poor Professors Are Fighting Back – Elizabeth Segran – The Atlantic. I tried to comment and express my concern for adjuncts, especially before they go down the road to being adjuncts.  I hope my comment made it clear that this is a difficult […]

New York Times Editorial Board: “…the new college campus…does not seem geared to fulfill…the major mission of universities: educating students.”

This is not the first Editorial from the New York Times on education.  But it is the first that I have seen where The Editorial Board seems to be realizing that too many universities don’t see the “new college campus” as a place for education.  I have posted here about most of the previous editorials.  (I will […]

Time’s Op-Ed Relies on Flawed “Landmark Study”(?), and “Comprehensive Analysis”?

Here is the linke to “A Solution for Bad Teaching” http://www.nytimes.com/2014/02/06/opinion/a-solution-for-bad-teaching.html?ref=opinion Here is what I have already written about the study now being called “landmark”: Northwestern President Publishes Study About Northwestern And the National Bureau of Economic Research Publishes It?  and Is The Atlantic Right to Report on a Report the Way it Did? Here […]

UPenn Vice-Provost Encourages More Tests But There is a Rub.

Prof Emanuel, Vice Provost and Professor at the Univ. of Penn., has a nice article on testing in The New Republic http://www.newrepublic.com/article/114793/american-schools-need-more-testing-not-less  He has a good idea.  But will it really be testing when put into practice?  I directed his readers to my article.  Here is what I wrote. “As someone who taught mathematics for […]

Northwestern President Publishes Study About Northwestern And the National Bureau of Economic Research Publishes It?

Here is a link to the Chronicle of Higher Education’s article, “Ad­juncts Are Bet­ter Teachers Than Tenured Professors, Study Finds” http://chronicle.com/article/Ad-juncts-Are-Bet-ter/141523/ Here is my view, which I posted on the Chronicle’s site as a comment. “The PRESIDENT of Northwestern has done a study about Northwester’s students, Northwestern’s Professors, and, Northwestern’s Adjuncts- a study coauthored with […]