Excellent WSJ Article on AP

Follow this to the article. Here was my comment. I am a retired math professor who, for years, taught gifted high school students that had completed AP calculus and who went on to attend elite schools.  I have a blog (See below.) where, by clicking on the category “AP”, you can read about AP courses, […]

Is Bauerlein’s “What’s the Point of a Professor?” a Demonstration?

We used to be mentors and moral authorities. Now we just hand out A’s. Source: What’s the Point of a Professor? – NYTimes.com I don’t know if it is a demonstration, but it may be.  He has been in this blog before.  The link is within the comment I made. I wrote, “I’m a former […]

Your Grandmother’s Calculus!

This is a link to a Single Variable Calculus course as taught in 1970 at MIT. Calculus Revisited: Single Variable Calculus | MIT OpenCourseWare. Having this course, with videos, transcript and problems is a wonderful resource. Comparing this course with today’s courses helps us see what it really means, in terms of learning, for faculty to require so much less study effort for […]

Is University of Missouri’s Calculus Easier Than AP Calculus?

I just talked to a student who told me that his friends told him that.  He asked me if it was true.  I said, “probably so”.  Of course, AP Calculus is not college calculus either.  See my posts under the category “AP Calculus”.

New York Times Editorial Series on Education – They Don’t See the Elephant in the Classroom

(Go here to see the newest piece, http://www.nytimes.com/2013/12/15/opinion/sunday/in-math-and-science-the-best-fend-for-themselves.html?hp&rref=opinion ) I am concerned that even the Times doesn’t see the problem.  Maybe they just have trouble believing how bad the integrity problem is.  Anyway, I commented on their recommendations, and I made a general comment.  Here they are. On the Times recommendation for more government support As a […]

On Mark Bauerlein’s Commentary in “The Chronicle of Higher Education”

In his Commentary “Give AP Credit Where Credit Is Due”, Professor Bauerlein explains how he “…chaired a group of high-school and college English teachers charged … with reviewing and revising the standards for…” an AP course.  (See his entire commentary at http://chronicle.com/article/Give-AP-Credit-Where-Credit-Is/137543/) Prof. Bauerlein writes that there “…was a deliberate, two-year process. For instance, we examined the results […]

Even More On AP Courses – From the New York Times

Today (January 18th) Tamar Lewin reported in the NY Times that Dartmouth will stop giving AP Credit.  What is more important is what Dartmouth found when they looked into how well students with a 5 on the AP had actually learned.  You can read that here: http://www.nytimes.com/2013/01/18/education/dartmouth-stops-credits-for-excelling-on-ap-test.html?_r=0 The article goes on to report that “…The […]

More on AP Courses

Here is a quote from CalTech’s description of its Freshman math course: “…The typical high school courses, and the AP tests themselves, are woefully inadequate in explaning, or testing, why things work and how to justify one’s propositions…” The link to the where I got this quote is: http://www.math.caltech.edu/~2011-12/1term/ma001a/#des This is, of course, CalTech, but […]

AP Calculus Courses Discussion on NPR

I commented on the “Talk of the Nation” show: “Op-Ed: AP Classes Are One of America’s ‘Great Frauds’”.  It is based on a piece by Mr. Tierney that appeared in the Atlantic.  My comments are about 6 minutes into the show.  Here is a link to the NPR program: http://www.npr.org/2012/12/03/166414595/op-ed-ap-classes-are-a-scam