In Praise of Dartmouth (I Hope)

“Dartmouth Cites Student Misconduct in Its Ban on Hard Liquor – I put “I Hope” because though all I have seen is good, one never knows.  Anyway, I pointed out that Dartmouth’s administration may be ok. “This is one of three actions I have seen from Dartmouth that impress me (as a former math […]

Are High School Students – And Their Parents – Misled About Their Math Knowledge? Probably.

I just read an online discussion by high school students.  They were wondering how today’s math courses compare to the ones in the 60’s. I attended high school in the sixties and took the most advanced course that my East Texas town of 35,000 had to offer; and, of course, I grew up with people from that era, so […]

Focus on Administrative Attitudes: Carnegie Mellon Contrasted With Washington Univ. in St. Louis

I received a comment from someone who taught at Carnegie in the 90’s.  I will compare it – only with respect to administrative attitudes –  to my experience at Washington Univ. in St. Louis.  I believe that, though both of these observations are somewhat anecdotal, there is enough substance (and observation) in both cases to illuminate these serious and important […]

An Interesting Program For Community College Attendance, Then Top School

I read about the program in the New York Times.( ) I haven’t looked into it but it sounds interesting from the description in the article, so I am posting this link here. One thing that I find encouraging is this statement from the article: ““We won’t guarantee admission or transferring credits, but these students will be at a […]

Dartmouth Also Has a 3-2 Program. How Does It Compare to Wash.U. and Columbia?.

Here are the differences that stand out to me. (1) Dartmouth has a list of 19 schools that it participates with.  Wash. U.’s list has 86 and Columbia’s has 102. (2) Unlike Wash. U. and Columbia, Dartmouth doesn’t seem to guarantee admission.  Wash. U. and Columbia appear to guarantee admission to students with a specified […]

Are Trustees Too Focused On Investments to the Detriment of the Educational Mission?

Here is a link to an article about university endowments, followed by my comments and some interesting links. What worries me the most about the size of university investment funds and its effects on Board members is not just that there may be conflicts of interest, but that some university endowments have become so huge that […]