Maybe One Reason Why So Many Graduates Don’t Get Good Jobs.

Campus clubs spring up for early birds to rouse classmates; 9 a.m. is ‘really late’ Source: In China, Sleepy University Students Experience a Wake-Up Call – WSJ I commented. “They should come here for college. According to the well-researched Academically Adrift, American students only need to study about 13 hours a week, leaving lots of time […]

Author of University Studies/Site Visits Reports Wonders How Washinton University’s Engineering School Got Accredited

Posted as a reply to my comment on a story in the New York Times : Peter C is a trusted commenterBear Territory If your engineering story is true, how did the engineering program get accredited by ABET (Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology, Inc. )? Most American do not realize that certain professions are accredited […]

Focus on Administrative Attitudes: Carnegie Mellon Contrasted With Washington Univ. in St. Louis

I received a comment from someone who taught at Carnegie in the 90’s.  I will compare it – only with respect to administrative attitudes –  to my experience at Washington Univ. in St. Louis.  I believe that, though both of these observations are somewhat anecdotal, there is enough substance (and observation) in both cases to illuminate these serious and important […]

Corporations Join Up With Colleges to Design Curricula –

Corporations Join Up With Colleges to Design Curricula – This reporting is excellent and important.  I commented but this is a topic that I want to think about more.  Here is my comment. “Good news? or, bad news? Here is the view from a former math professor who has been worried about higher education […]

Content Deflation III – Does Wash. U. Physics Prof. Adopt It With Zeal? And Does the University Boast About It? Read This

This is from my story ATaleOutofSchool  but it is self-contained.  I think it is helpful in understanding how much “content deflation” has entered the academy as a marketing tool that caters to student “wants”, while leaving students on their own to acquire their “needs”.  Of course, it is even worse that just leaving them on […]

How Competition Leads to “Content Deflation” in One Anecdote

In A Tale Out of School – A Case Study in Higher Education, I describe how, after pressuring me to change a course I was teaching, the Chairman of the Mathematics Department explained that the Math Department “…just wrested [a course] from [engineering]…and we don’t want to have to give up [this course]…” (For those who haven’t read A Tale Out […]

A Tale Out of School Update

I will be updating the story A Tale Out of School – A Case Study in Higher Education. Since the updates are so brief, I will post them here.  There are two news items, plus a couple of additional documents.  (The documents have already been posted.) (1) 6 of the 153 engineering students that started […]

The Chonicle of Higher Education Headlines: The STEM Crisis: Reality or Myth? But…

Doesn’t it depend on whether you mean too many STEM grads or too many grads with STEM education.  The article talks about an Ohio State grad having trouble finding a job but I find that it may be that Ohio State students are having trouble finding an education.  I don’t know for sure but here is […]

WSJ Writes That Businesses Want Workers With Math and Science Degrees

But they are having trouble sinceIn terms of basic math and science skills, “we’re really floundering here in the U.S.,”  Mike Russo, Globalfoundries’ director of government relations, said in an interview. .  Here is the article, But Washington University in St. Louis says they have been working to fix this, as I wrote in […]