Take on the 800-lb Gorilla

Source: US workforce: paying young Americans to learn the right skills I made the following comment. Someone has to take on the 800 lb gorilla.  I have seen it in action up close and Bill Gross has pointed out that it really is an 800 lb gorilla.  Here’s Bill Gross. “…To radically change the system…would […]

Frank Bruni Recognizes the “Customer” Mentality

“…It’s not only at Stanford and at Ivy League and Ivy­like schools that students have gone from being competitors to clients. That’s a shift that’s occurred over recent decades and over the last decade in particular at scores if not hundreds of colleges. And I think customers is a better word for it than clients, […]

What Does the Syllabus Really Tell You? And How to Find Out What is Really Taught.

A reader looked at this year’s syllabus for the course that I wrote about in A Tale Out of School. The reader commented that there was nothing wrong with what this year’s syllabus covers.  Let’s look deeper and ask what covers means. For those who have read A Tale Out of School,  you may have […]

The College Cares About Truth in Advertising? Oh?

Several companies are using high-pressure tactics, critics say, to persuade international students to enroll in U.S. colleges. Many will need remedial help to succeed. Source: Recruiting Students Overseas to Fill Seats, Not to Meet Standards I wrote, According to a Brookings study, Western Kentucky’s graduates have a median mid-career salary less than similar graduates attending […]

The Best in Alia Wong’s Atlantic Series

Student applicants are treated like consumers. Source: How the U.S. News Ranks Make Applying to College A Commercial Experience – The Atlantic Here is what I wrote. I’m a former math professor. I taught at an “elite” school – Washington University in St. Louis. From my perspective, this series – especially the final installment – […]

An Excellent Series of Articles in the Atlantic

“Far too many students are learning to do whatever it takes to get ahead—even if that means sacrificing individuality, health, happiness, ethical principles, and behavior.” Source: What Values Really Matter in the College Application Process? – The Atlantic This is part of a series of three articles by Alia Wong.  I recommend them all.  I […]

Donald Trump Isn’t Alone in Exploiting the Word ‘University’

Students have been taught to trust places called universities, even though few of them actually are. Source: Donald Trump Isn’t Alone in Exploiting the Word ‘University’ Mr. Carey has nailed it when it comes to how some institutions exploit the public trust, but he missed the most important institutions. Let me explain. I spent three […]

Why Would I Comment on Something I Haven’t Read?

Admissions officers tell their own children that high school is far more than just a pathway to college — it’s a time for maturation, self-discovery, learning and fun. Source: Advice College Admissions Officers Give Their Own Kids Here’s why. As a former college professor, I know better than to read this – and I strongly […]

Why Else Would He Call It a “University”?

…hundreds of pages of legal documents, as well as interviews with former students and instructors, suggest the surveys themselves were a central component of a business model that, according to lawsuits and investigators, deceived consumers,,, Source: At Trump University, Students Recall Pressure to Give Positive Reviews. Here is my take. I’m a former math professor. […]