Is a Ph.D. Holder a Qualified Ph.D.? Not Always

As the supply of doctorate holders grows and their academic job prospects dwindle, schools take steps to help graduates find work beyond the academy. Source: Job-Seeking Ph.D. Holders Look to Life Outside School My comment. Advice from a retired math professor:  Don’t be fooled by a doctoral degree- or the offer of one. Here is […]

Front Page (News?): As Graduation Rates Rise, Experts Fear Diplomas Come Up Short –

The number of students completing high school has reached historic peaks, yet other measures of academic readiness for college or jobs are much lower. Source: As Graduation Rates Rise, Experts Fear Diplomas Come Up Short – The New York Times I tried to explain. From a former math professor, here is the sorry story in […]

Puts His Finger on the K-12 Problem, Just Needs to Realize Cause.

But a lot of the training they get in school is. We can do better. Source: Teachers Aren’t Dumb – The New York Times I commented. Professor Willingham does us a service by focusing our attention on the symptom – too many teachers don’t know their subject – but he misses the cause. He misses […]

Teacher Shortages Spur a Nationwide Hiring Scramble (Credentials Optional)

Just a few years after the recession caused widespread layoffs for teachers, school districts now find themselves with numerous job vacancies and few qualified candidates to choose from. Source: Teacher Shortages Spur a Nationwide Hiring Scramble (Credentials Optional I don’t know if this will be good or bad.  It could be bad if colleges irresponsibly […]

Evidence That Schools That Educate Graduate Students Who Are in Big Demand

Uber…put up a billboard outside Carnegie Mellon’s computer-sciences building that said: “We are looking for the best software engineers in Pittsburgh.” Graduate students are being approached to work at the company. Source: Carnegie Mellon Reels After Uber Lures Away Researchers – WSJ This is a story about one of the top schools in computer science […]

Maybe One Reason Why So Many Graduates Don’t Get Good Jobs.

Campus clubs spring up for early birds to rouse classmates; 9 a.m. is ‘really late’ Source: In China, Sleepy University Students Experience a Wake-Up Call – WSJ I commented. “They should come here for college. According to the well-researched Academically Adrift, American students only need to study about 13 hours a week, leaving lots of time […]

Rip Van Skillsgap on Paul Krugman’s Blog Is Wrong

Rip Van Skillsgap – “Please, Prof. Krugman, you are too important a voice not to pay attention to data that screams that there is a gigantic gap between what you think is an education, and what “customers” (once quaintly known as “students”) are actually getting – even in many so-called “elite” schools. There is […]

Teacher recruitment: High-fliers in the classroom | The Economist

Teacher recruitment: High-fliers in the classroom | The Economist.   My comment: I’m a former math professor and have seen how the corrupted American system of higher education has caused so much of high school education to be a sham. That’s right, higher ed dumbs down lower ed. Here is one important way. For decades, […]

US News On Retention – Say What?

From page 70 of the 2015 “rankings”: “…The higher the proportion of freshmen who return…and eventually graduate, the better a school most likely is at offering the classes and services that students need to succeed…” Oh, if it were true.  Do the people at US News know that another way of helping people “succeed” [in just […]