Law Schools Keep at It – But That is Just the Tip of the Iceberg

Law Schools Face New Rules on Reporting Graduates’ Success – WSJ. I commented. The take away from this story – and from stories about college athletics – is not that Law Schools – or athletic departments – are corrupt.  Colleges are corrupt.   Very few people would buy a product from a corporation that has […]

Law Schools Like These Seem to Serve Everyone But Their Students – Who Probably, In Actuality, Serve the School

Creditors Keep Troubled Law Schools on Life Support – I wrote two comments. “Prof. Solomon’s analysis is an eye-opener. It tells us that the institutional setting (by that I mean regulations, norms, social expectations, etc…), within which colleges of all types operate, allows them to act almost solely in their selfish interest with few […]

Why Does Grade Inflation Work?

Don A. Moore, Samuel A. Swift, Zachariah S. Sharek and Francesca Gino, whose paper I cited in Grade Inflation Pays But So Does Rolling Back the Odometer – Or Overrating a Bond have a more recent paper, PLOS ONE: Inflated Applicants: Attribution Errors in Performance Evaluation by Professionals. There is a lot for to think about […]

Comments added to Atlantic Article

Some additional discussion has been added to the Atlantic Article referred to on this post: Great post on The Atlantic Site about Law Schools

Reflecting on University Administrators by Observing Law School Deans – A Warning

I’m reading “The Lawyer Bubble” by Steven J. Harper.  The book describes in shocking detail the unethical steps some law schools take to attract more, and higher paying, students. I think the book’s importance, though, reaches far beyond just legal education (which Scott Turow calls an “unscrupulous racket”.  See the cover of “The Lawyer Bubble” for the […]

Great post on The Atlantic Site about Law Schools

Here is the link: Here are more disturbing numbers.  The salaries of those who reported full time jobs are extremely bimodally distributed – with well over 60% making less than $65,000/yr and 14%making about $160,000/yr and not a lot in between.  (From the website of The Association of Legal Career Professionals.  See their Salary […]