William Deresiewicz’s Incisive Observation Taken to Its Logical Conclusion

How college sold its soul to the market Source: [Essay] | The Neoliberal Arts, by William Deresiewicz | Harper’s Magazine I commented. To truly change higher education, the critical observation that college is neoliberal, needs to be followed to its logical conclusion. What has damned higher education in America is the neoliberalist view of colleges […]

Frank Bruni Thinks Learning LibArts Is Important? I Do Too, But Where Do You Go To Do That?

See From ‘Hamlet’ to Hillary – NYTimes.com  for Bruni’s article. My comment: “As a former professor – and observer of higher education – I think that in 2015 you would be hard put to find the type of courses that your examples took, not in 2015. I recently posted (on my blog inside-higher-ed) a syllabus from […]

NY Times Column on Value of a Liberal Education

Starving for Wisdom – NYTimes.com I also recommend this fine article or the short version. When I was a Freshman at Carnegie Tech (Now Carnegie-Mellon), we had to take a course in composition, followed by a course in literature.  I don’t remember everything we read in the composition course, but here is the best I can […]

Thomas Jefferson Quoted from 1786

“…Preach…a crusade against ignorance…improve the law for educating the common people. Let our countrymen know that the people alone can protect us against…evil, and that…kings, priests and nobles…will rise up among us if we leave the people in ignorance…”

Would Jeff Selingo Give Mony to a Bank with a Corrupt Loan Department?

Worries About the Future of Liberal Arts Colleges – The Diane Rehm Show. I called about “corruption” and it was mentioned on air.  Jeff Selingo indicated that one shouldn’t worry about general corruption. I replied. “One of the guests said that he didn’t know what I meant by “corruption” except that he thought it existed […]

Higher Education, Liberal Arts and Shakespeare – NYTimes.com

Higher Education, Liberal Arts and Shakespeare – NYTimes.com. My comment: First, liberal arts is not a luxury. Try this for starters. When you try to move up the corporate ladder, you are not going to get many chances to ask higher ups what they “meant by that”; and you better hope you can write good […]

OK, Maybe the Three R’s (Reading, Writing, ARithmetic) Should Be the Four RS (Reading, WRiting, ARithmetic, Science), But Still…

…they need to always start with the 2 R’s Reading and WRiting.  For an old fashioned explanation, recall that Jefferson said that no end of nobles will steal all the people’s money in a democracy with an uneducated citizenry.  For an excellent description of what is happening to those two R’s now see the article by […]

Liberal Arts and Money – A Comment

Jordan Weissmann of The Atlantic posted an article titled “Money Is a Terrible Way to Measure the Value of a College Major” http://www.theatlantic.com/business/archive/2014/01/money-is-a-terrible-way-to-measure-the-value-of-a-college-major/283290/#comments I commented on what I feel is the pecuniary value of a liberal arts education, and, on how earnings might reflect the quality of the liberal arts courses in a school.  Here is […]

Political Science: University of Michigan, too?

Here is what I found.  They use the same text as Washington University, except that I don’t think they have outside readings.  On the other hand, if, as is apparently true in Wash. U.’s case, the readings don’t matter, what does it matter what text they use? (See my previous post.) The link to the […]