Demand for H1-B Skilled-Worker Visas Forces Agency Into Lottery – WSJ

U.S. demand for foreign skilled-worker visas surpassed the entire year’s mandated supply within five days, prompting the government to say it will award them through a lottery. Source: Demand for H1-B Skilled-Worker Visas Forces Agency Into Lottery – WSJ I wrote… To paraphrase, “It’s the flood of certification, and paucity of education, stupid.”  In other […]

Math’s Enigma’s? Great, But Some People Want to Keep Them a Secret.

On Pi Day, Celebrate Math’s Enigmas – I had to comment. True, oh so true: “…it’s only when we try to stretch our minds around mathematics’ enigmas that true understanding can set in.” (The Op-Ed’s last line.) But, far too true, too: “…stretch[ing] our minds around mathematics…” is what so many unscrupulous college administrators […]

Kevin Carey’s Good Idea (MOOC’s) Needs Help

College for a New Age – is a good editorial about Kevin Carey’s new book.  He has good ideas about MOOC’s, but he needs help, as I pointed out. “I’m a former professor. I now write a blog on higher education’ inside-higher-ed . I have read several of Mr. Carey’s essays. He understands higher education, […]

New Federal College Ratings

A link to the website that describes the rules and for making comments on them can be found on my new  page, where you can find the comments I submitted.

Rice, CMU, MIT, etc…Was It Really True: Look to Your Right and Left, One of You Won’t Be Here Next Year?

Not exactly, but close. I just came across the numbers for CMU; and, they are probably the same for the others. 1967-68 Carnegie-Mellon student enrollment in Carnegie Institute of Technology (which at that time included what is now Mellon School of Science and the School of Computer Science) was: Fresh     483 Soph      373 Junior    320 Senior     320 It […]

Your Grandmother’s Calculus!

This is a link to a Single Variable Calculus course as taught in 1970 at MIT. Calculus Revisited: Single Variable Calculus | MIT OpenCourseWare. Having this course, with videos, transcript and problems is a wonderful resource. Comparing this course with today’s courses helps us see what it really means, in terms of learning, for faculty to require so much less study effort for […]

Reminder and Notice

When I first posted A Tale Out of School, along with the highly revealing emails from administrators and others, it got a lot of hits. I’m posting this “reminder and notice” for new visitors who may not be aware of the article  and want to read it – or even read just the accompanying emails. I think […]

MOOC’s Setback? But Online Still Very Useful, I Believe

There is this in yesterday’s New York Times, but I believe that online access can be very informative when used the way I described. (Also, I just finished an excellent book on the role of the internet in education.  It is “Abelard to Apple: The Fate of American Colleges and Universities” by Richard A. DeMillo.) “Online […]

How Competition Leads to “Content Deflation” in One Anecdote

In A Tale Out of School – A Case Study in Higher Education, I describe how, after pressuring me to change a course I was teaching, the Chairman of the Mathematics Department explained that the Math Department “…just wrested [a course] from [engineering]…and we don’t want to have to give up [this course]…” (For those who haven’t read A Tale Out […]