David Brooks See the Symptom – But Not the Disease

Source: Mis-Educating the Young – The New York Times Here is my comment. You have described the symptoms well, but you have missed the disease. The disease is letting higher education operate as a market economy – while assuming that, as a non-profit, it is altruistic. Just listen to Clark Kerr and David Riesman on […]

Frank Bruni Recognizes the “Customer” Mentality

“…It’s not only at Stanford and at Ivy League and Ivy­like schools that students have gone from being competitors to clients. That’s a shift that’s occurred over recent decades and over the last decade in particular at scores if not hundreds of colleges. And I think customers is a better word for it than clients, […]

The Counterfeit High School Diploma – The New York Times (Do They See the Connection?)

Most states still have weak curriculums and graduation requirements that make high school diplomas useless. Source: The Counterfeit High School Diploma – The New York Times I tried to point out the connection. As a former math professor, I am quite aware of the cause of the problem – and it’s not high school. It’s […]

Columnists at the NY Times Should Not be Making Erroneous Claims About What Universities Do…

On almost every campus faculty members and administrators are trying to stem…to widen the system’s narrow definition of achievement. Institutes are popping up…designed to cultivate the whole student: the emotional, spiritual and moral sides and not just the intellectual. Source: The Big University – The New York Times Here is my response. Are you kidding […]

New Data Gives Clearer Picture of Student Debt – But What About Student Assets? Do They Have Them? AND What Data? Appropriate Data? I’m Afraid Not

The increases in debt and default rates are concentrated among students at for-profit and community colleges, even though those students borrow less on average. Source: New Data Gives Clearer Picture of Student Debt – The New York Times Here was my comment. Two points, one just about data, the other simple business sense. First, the […]

“What Is the Point of College?” Asks Prof. Appiah With Faith That It Matters To Colleges

Is it supposed to train students, or transform them? Can these two perspectives be reconciled? Source: What Is the Point of College? My explanation Here is the real point of college, summed up succinctly by Bill Gross. “…Universities are run for the benefit of the adult establishment, both politically and financially, not students…” (Quoted with […]

Fixing Fafsa Will Require Fixing Colleges

Shortening the nightmarish federal financial aid form for college loan applicants will allow lower-income students greater access to higher education. Source: Time to Fix the Fafsa – The New York Times I wrote, “Colleges won’t easily give up the data they get from Fafsa. That data is too valuable for pricing, manipulating admission rates, and […]

Standardized Tests (For Colleges, Through K-12 Students) Is the Answer

An ill-conceived boycott could damage educational reform and undermine the Common Core standards. Source: Opting Out of Standardized Tests Isn’t the Answer – The New York Times I’m a former math professor. The k-12 problem is obvious – and testing can fix it, but not the way most people think. The problem is not the […]

Good News: Editor of NY Times “Upshot” Encourages More Discussion on Kevin Carey’s “The Fundamental Way That Universities Are an Illusion”

Our contributor Kevin Carey has written an important and eye-opening piece on this subject, and I encourage you to read it. Source: How Colleges Are Weak – The New York Times But as I state in my comment, Mr. Carey can use help with views from the inside. I wrote, Kevin Carey’s insights into, and […]