More on Starbucks – And Arizona State – And Alarms

I think it is good that the agreement between Starbucks and ASU is getting attention, but Op-Ed’s like this one worry me considerably.  I worry that there will be too many opinions written by people that don’t  have a deep knowledge about higher education.  I don’t know that this is true in this case, but it sounds like it. […]

Time Magazine Writes That Americans Have Feelings About Online Education?

Unfortunately, “feelings” is probably the right word.  Here is a link. Here is my view which I put in my comment. “Let’s see. Jon Meacham recently wrote, “…barely half [of college graduates] knew that the U.S. Constitution ­establishes the separation of powers. Forty-­three percent failed to identify John Roberts as Chief Justice; 62% didn’t […]

Good Op/Ed in WSJ about Online Courses and Education

In my view, an important part of the article is the discussion of resistance to MOOC’s.  Also, the author speaks from experience, not from studies.  We need both, but we are short on op/ed’s from experience.  It is by Andy Kessler.  You can find him in Wikipedia. Here is the link, followed by my comment, […]

Worried they “just don’t get it”

Before I post a link to the most recent instant of this, an explanation is justified.  Here is my worry.  Too many newspapers, radio shows, tv commentators talk about a college “degree”.  When someone points out that not all degrees represent an education, I worry that the authors, etc… think, “Everyone knows that not all […]

Two sides to the “online course coin”

There is an article in today’s Wall Street Journal titled “Web Courses Woo Professors: Online Firm Opens Way for More Educators to Create Their Own Internet Classes” I commented about my worries after reading these two paragraphs that I think show both sides of the coin.  First, the good side, “I think that what […]

Online Courses MOOC

In my post, there is a link to MIT’s OpenCouresWare.  These are MIT courses that the university has put online for their students – or for anyone who wants to use the materials.  Furthermore, if you go to you will  find a site that explains how MIT and Harvard are jointly offering to not just put […]