The value of university: Our first-ever college rankings | The Economist (IS VERY FLAWED)

Source: The value of university: Our first-ever college rankings | The Economist I commented. I’m a former math professor who has been observing the corrupt system of American higher education for decades. Even though I have little regard for this mainly corrupt and fraudulent system, I find that your rankings don’t help at all. Unfortunately, […]

The Economist Understands Much Better Than it “Ranks”

New federal data reveal which colleges do most for their graduates’ pay-packets. They are not the ones you might expect Source: Where’s best? My comment: As a former math professor who understands American higher education from the inside (of both “elite” schools and not very elite schools), I believe that The Economist covers the subject […]

How to Measure a College’s Value

An ambitious survey finds that brand matters less than other factors in graduates’ future contentment. Source: How to Measure a College’s Value My comment. (In reply to Outside the Box, who wrote that The study does not adjust for the fact that different kinds of students go to different colleges. “You probably make a good […]

Highly Selective Schools That Add Value (Only Counting Money Here, But It’s a Measurable Proxy For Education)

Brookings Institute compared median salaries of graduates with the expected median salaries of a like pool (for the same college) without having attended college.  Here are the results I took away for highly selected colleges, given in expected percentage increase.  I also give the median mid-career salaries from the study. Note: Some schools didn’t have […]

If US News Rankings Effect Fundraising From Alumni, What Does That Mean?

I don’t know. Does it mean that schools will recruit wealthy students to increase their alumni giving ratio?  (or will it?) Once everyone knows that giving to their alma mater increases the school’s ranking, does that discount that measure? This is from US News, “…Alumni giving rate (5 percent): …is an indirect measure of student satisfaction. […]

A Must Read From The Economist (This Week’s Cover Story)

Universities: The world is going to university | The Economist. This link is to the introduction. Here is the link to the complete report. I commented on the introduction. “”…price becomes a proxy for quality. By charging more, good universities gain both revenue and prestige…” I am a former professor. I taught math at one […]

Why So Few Online Courses? Quotes From “The Economist” 3/28/2015 Edition on Universities

“…Since the value of a degree from a selective institution depends on its scarcity, good universities have little incentive to produce more graduates..” (From <>) which may be why, even though “…Technology offers the promise of making education both cheaper and more effective, but universities resist adopting it…”  (From <>)

“Task Force Wants Simplified Oversight of U.S. Colleges” Of Course, It Does.

Task Force Wants Simplified Oversight of U.S. Colleges, Universities – WSJ. I think if you read my comment about the composition of the task force, you won’t need to read the article. “…The group, made up of 16 college presidents and higher education experts…” Fourteen of these “…higher education experts…” [For my readers I have […]

US News On Retention – Say What?

From page 70 of the 2015 “rankings”: “…The higher the proportion of freshmen who return…and eventually graduate, the better a school most likely is at offering the classes and services that students need to succeed…” Oh, if it were true.  Do the people at US News know that another way of helping people “succeed” [in just […]