The Best in Alia Wong’s Atlantic Series

Student applicants are treated like consumers. Source: How the U.S. News Ranks Make Applying to College A Commercial Experience – The Atlantic Here is what I wrote. I’m a former math professor. I taught at an “elite” school – Washington University in St. Louis. From my perspective, this series – especially the final installment – […]

An Excellent Series of Articles in the Atlantic

“Far too many students are learning to do whatever it takes to get ahead—even if that means sacrificing individuality, health, happiness, ethical principles, and behavior.” Source: What Values Really Matter in the College Application Process? – The Atlantic This is part of a series of three articles by Alia Wong.  I recommend them all.  I […]

The Upwardly Mobile Barista – The Atlantic

The Upwardly Mobile Barista – The Atlantic. I commented. “I’m a former math professor. (I last taught at Wash. U. in St. Louis.) This article describes a wonderful and laudable effort by Starbucks’s Howard Schultz. But it never asks the question: What’s between the buns? Is there really any beef wrapped up in those degrees? […]

“Even With Debt, College Still Pays Off”(The Atlantic) NOT FOR SOCIETY

Even With Debt, College Still Pays Off – The Atlantic. I believe that the story is much more subtle.  Here is what I wrote. “There is a more nuanced view of the fact that “college grads out earn high school grads” than just “college is worth it”. Here is the short version. It is based […]

How Did They Become Adjuncts? And Are They All the Same? I Don’t Think So.

There is a sad article in The Atlantic. The Adjunct Revolt: How Poor Professors Are Fighting Back – Elizabeth Segran – The Atlantic. I tried to comment and express my concern for adjuncts, especially before they go down the road to being adjuncts.  I hope my comment made it clear that this is a difficult […]

The Atlantic Again. They Point Out That If You Are Big Enough, Who Cares?

That is what I think touting that we have a high percentage of high-performing students implies.  (The link is the same article as the previous post.)  My comment should make all clear. “Did I read that right?  “…taking more math and science courses…” is evidence of learning?  Then is  “…investing more with Bernie…” evidence of […]

Statisticallyl Interesting Report

In my previous post “Highly Educated” (From The Atlantic)?  I Say Maybe “Highly Degreed” I referenced Jordan Weissmann’s Atlantic article I think his statistics are wrong but very interesting and I expressed this in my comment. “If 84% of all of today’s 27 year olds have some college, then the number of 27 year olds with […]

“Highly Educated” (From The Atlantic)? I Say Maybe “Highly Degreed”

Actually, Jordan Weissmann has posted interesting news about a study by the Dept.. of Ed., but I must take him to task about his interpretation . “I am former college professor, who has spent almost a lifetime observing how much of higher education is essentially a scam on students and their parents.  I feel compelled […]

Liberal Arts and Money – A Comment

Jordan Weissmann of The Atlantic posted an article titled “Money Is a Terrible Way to Measure the Value of a College Major” I commented on what I feel is the pecuniary value of a liberal arts education, and, on how earnings might reflect the quality of the liberal arts courses in a school.  Here is […]