Gap Widening as Top Workers Reap the Raises – The New York Times (It’s NOT the lack of degrees – It IS the lack of education.)

For most American workers, including many college graduates, the economic recovery has not meant significantly higher wages, research shows. Source: Gap Widening as Top Workers Reap the Raises – The New York Times I explained. “The cause of this phenomenon is staring us in the face. It is our beliefs that a college education is […]

America: A flagging model | The Economist

America: A flagging model | The Economist. This is a continuation of the “Must Read” in The Economist. I commented. This article makes the critical observation that “…returns [to individual students] have held up not because graduates have done so well but because those with only high-school degrees have done so badly…” That is an […]

Good News: Today’s Anxious Freshmen Declare Majors Far Faster Than Their Elders – WSJ

Today’s Anxious Freshmen Declare Majors Far Faster Than Their Elders – WSJ. But they need advice.  I wrote. I am a former professor who taught at Washington University in St. Louis.  With honest advice these earnest students will do well.  Unfortunately, they cannot count on college officials to always give them that honest advice.   In the words of David Riesman […]

Krugman on “No Skills Gap” Part II

There was a reply to my comment on Paul Krugman’s Op-Ed.  (See Krugman Relying on Flawed Data on “Skills Gap”) It asked an excellent question.  Here is the comment and my reply. Comment: “Then, of course, we would see employers preferring those who received a degree when it still was an education. But we don’t […]

Wall Street Journal’s David Wessel Supports Plan for College Loan Solution.

But I think we need to ensure the product is worth it first.  It seems to me that it is a little like the mortgage crisis.  You have to start by making sure the house is in good shape, and appropriate for the buyer. The article is here I posted two comments on the […]

WSJ Writes That Businesses Want Workers With Math and Science Degrees

But they are having trouble sinceIn terms of basic math and science skills, “we’re really floundering here in the U.S.,”  Mike Russo, Globalfoundries’ director of government relations, said in an interview. .  Here is the article, But Washington University in St. Louis says they have been working to fix this, as I wrote in […]

Professor Alfred Doesn’t Know What is Wrong with the Homework

(At a regional public university) That’s right, he really doesn’t.  I know because he told me.  I will tell the story here.  It is not nice to make fun of Prof. Alfred (a real person but made-up name), and that is not my purpose.  (He is actually a very nice person.) But it is important […]

According to OECD, Most Workers Who Feel Overqualified Aren’t. So Why? Have They Been Conned?

Jordan Weissmann has a post in The Atlantic on this My comment on his post explains my position: “Many of those who think that they are overeducated are actually “over-degreed” by schools that convince students that they are getting a “college education” (and many other types of education), when they aren’t.  The brilliant David […]

Good Short Article in The Atlantic with Informative Table.

Here is the link to the article Here is my comment: “Just read what Bill Gross, the billionare bond investor of Pimco wrote: “…Universities are run for the benefit of the adult establishment, both politically and financially, not students. To radically change the system and to question the sanctity of a college education would […]