WSJ Writes That Businesses Want Workers With Math and Science Degrees

But they are having trouble sinceIn terms of basic math and science skills, “we’re really floundering here in the U.S.,”  Mike Russo, Globalfoundries’ director of government relations, said in an interview. .  Here is the article,

But Washington University in St. Louis says they have been working to fix this, as I wrote in my comment.

As a former math professor, this is not a surprise.  Until we pay careful attention to what our universities are doing (are up to is more appropriate), we will continue to get these results from k-whatever.  Remember universities train math and science professors who train high school teachers.  It starts at the top.  You can go to my blog and read how “elite” schools are motivated to grant doctorates to highly unqualified students, who take their lack of understanding of their field with them to regional schools, where they aren’t capable of educating our future teachers, who…..

Of course the same type of academics are determined to have happy students (consumers) and they know that they can take  “…advantage…of [students]…[since] Like any other interest group, the student estate often does not grasp its own interests, and those who speak in its name are not always its friends.” (Quoted from David Riesman)

I documented how this sort of thing happens at an “elite” school in “A Tale Out of School – A Case Study in Higher Education” on my blog  And, by the way, this same school writes that it “has been involved in and has supported STEM-education reform since the early 1990s when it used a series of Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) undergraduate education grants to implement critical changes in course work and teaching methods designed to get students more engaged in their own learning process in areas such as biology, chemistry, mathematics, physics and engineering.”

Universities can tell us whatever they want with impunity if we don’t find a way to hold them accountable.


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