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WSJ Article: …Grads May Be Stuck in Low-Skill Jobs

My comment is below.  Here is a link to the article and summary of the issue in the article that I commented on: Summary:  1.  College graduates hired into low skilled jobs during the recession may be stuck there.  2.  A study seems to indicate that the high tech jobs aren’t there.3. David Autor, […]

Comment on another of Jordan Weissmann’s posts in the Atlantic

I commented on I wanted to note differences between schools.  Here is a copy of my comment, but there are also some resonses on the site.  Anyway, here is the copy. “Unfortunately, gross statistics can be misleading in the case of higher education. This can be especially true for low-income students who are most […]

Why Ph.D’s don’t get jobs as professors

I just posted an explanatory comment to: The article was by Jordan Weismann Here is my comment.  (The data I refer to shows that not many Ph.D’s get jobs as professors.) This data only substantiates what we in the business of higher education have known for years, “…universities give Ph.D.’s for reasons other than that […]

Professors DON’T become professors to teach! Better get over that idea fast.

Ok, some do, but I know dozens, if not hundreds, of math professors.  I don’t know any that I think became math professors so that they could teach.  That doesn’t mean that they can’t teach; it doesn’t mean they don’t like teaching.   Think of professors like musicians.  Becoming a professor is – or should be – […]

If even Harvard faculty are afraid of speaking out on issues of higher education, who will?

The following revealing quote is from an article in today’s New York Times ( “…Most professors who agreed to discuss the matter … insisted on anonymity, not wanting to run afoul of the administration…” This is both revealing and worrisome. That’s because “the matter” that these (probably mostly tenured, highly compensated)  professors don’t want to be on the record as […]

Article on Jobs and Degrees in Chronicle of Higher Education

The Chronicle of Higher Education ( does an excellent job of reporting.  There is a recent article that describes employers views of the product colleges are, in general, producing.  That “product” is, of course, college graduates.  (I know that people aren’t products, but that just makes it sadder.) Here is a link to the article: […]

On Mark Bauerlein’s Commentary in “The Chronicle of Higher Education”

In his Commentary “Give AP Credit Where Credit Is Due”, Professor Bauerlein explains how he “…chaired a group of high-school and college English teachers charged … with reviewing and revising the standards for…” an AP course.  (See his entire commentary at Prof. Bauerlein writes that there “…was a deliberate, two-year process. For instance, we examined the results […]