“They Just Don’t Get It” part 2

Now The Atlantic doesn’t get it.  Here is their post for today, followed by my reply which I think contains some interesting facts I only recently discovered.


“Should who go to college where? That is the appropriate question; not, should you go to the generic college because a generic (and suspect) average says the generic you should. Please, just look at the numbers. Say you scored 1550 on the (old) combined SAT and got into Carnegie-Mellon’s School of Computer Science. In that case you are average there, so, if you work and graduate, you can expect, on the average, a starting salary of $90,000/yr. So, absolutely, you should go – unless you just sold your company to Facebook.

But what if you scored 1030 on the SAT, which makes you average at Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville, and you get in there. If you are one of the 50% who actually graduate in Arts and Sciences, and, you are part of the 60% who have a full time job after one year, you can expect an average of $33,000, or, if you are part of the 22% who get an average part-time job, you can expect $18,000/yr. (All of the above data can be found on the respective school’s website.)

So, please, be a little discerning before you say everyone should go to college.”

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