A Sad Example, One of Many

After freshman year, grants and scholarships may disappear for any number of reasons — some justified, some not.

Source: Why Upperclassmen Lose Financial Aid – The New York Times

I commented.

This young lady sounds depressingly like another example of what our corrupted system of higher education has been doing to young people – and her financial woes are the least of it. I know. I’m a former math professor who has watched this for decades.

Let me describe what is happening – and how this young woman seems to fit the picture perfectly: probably a poor high school education; then attends a college that unwittingly led to her being unprepared – all because of the greed of “research” level universities. See if her case fits the following.


Major “elite” universities get large “national need” grant to produce American science and math professors. Unscrupulous professors “produce” them. (See my blog, inside-higher-ed for examples.)


Many of these new PHD’s go on to become “professors” at regional state schools where they are not able to teach well enough – due to an enormous lack of skill in their own subject – to produce decently trained high school teachers. (See examples on my blog. There, you will see that enormous really does mean enormous.)


All but the fortunate few get a decent high school education.

That’s it in a nutshell.

This is destroying our youth, economy and society. It must be stopped before it is too late.

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