Excellent WSJ Article on AP

Follow this to the article. Here was my comment. I am a retired math professor who, for years, taught gifted high school students that had completed AP calculus and who went on to attend elite schools.  I have a blog (See below.) where, by clicking on the category “AP”, you can read about AP courses, […]

Is Bauerlein’s “What’s the Point of a Professor?” a Demonstration?

We used to be mentors and moral authorities. Now we just hand out A’s. Source: What’s the Point of a Professor? – NYTimes.com I don’t know if it is a demonstration, but it may be.  He has been in this blog before.  The link is within the comment I made. I wrote, “I’m a former […]

In Praise of Dartmouth (I Hope)

“Dartmouth Cites Student Misconduct in Its Ban on Hard Liquor – NYTimes.com. I put “I Hope” because though all I have seen is good, one never knows.  Anyway, I pointed out that Dartmouth’s administration may be ok. “This is one of three actions I have seen from Dartmouth that impress me (as a former math […]

Your Grandmother’s Calculus!

This is a link to a Single Variable Calculus course as taught in 1970 at MIT. Calculus Revisited: Single Variable Calculus | MIT OpenCourseWare. Having this course, with videos, transcript and problems is a wonderful resource. Comparing this course with today’s courses helps us see what it really means, in terms of learning, for faculty to require so much less study effort for […]

Are High School Students – And Their Parents – Misled About Their Math Knowledge? Probably.

I just read an online discussion by high school students.  They were wondering how today’s math courses compare to the ones in the 60’s. I attended high school in the sixties and took the most advanced course that my East Texas town of 35,000 had to offer; and, of course, I grew up with people from that era, so […]

The SAT Essay Test is This Bad????

I started reading http://www.nytimes.com/2014/03/09/magazine/the-story-behind-the-sat-overhaul.html?src=me&ref=general&_r=1 in the New York Times Magazine and I was stopped dead in my tracks with amazement, even for me.  You will see why when you read my comment.  Here it is: “This tale from the article (that I have copied and pasted below) is outrageous.  Unfortunately, from my observations as a former professor, […]

Atlantic Monthly Article on Faculty Concerns About High Graduation Rates

Here is the link, followed by my comment. http://www.theatlantic.com/education/archive/2013/12/we-are-creating-walmarts-of-higher-education/282619/ (The article is good – and shocking – especially the part about some state schools getting rid of history courses.  State schools?  Is this becoming a vicious circle?  Uneducated politicians (probably with degrees, though) deciding not to educate?  Whatever happened to Jefferson and his silly ideas […]

Is University of Missouri’s Calculus Easier Than AP Calculus?

I just talked to a student who told me that his friends told him that.  He asked me if it was true.  I said, “probably so”.  Of course, AP Calculus is not college calculus either.  See my posts under the category “AP Calculus”.

New York Times Editorial Series on Education – They Don’t See the Elephant in the Classroom

(Go here to see the newest piece, http://www.nytimes.com/2013/12/15/opinion/sunday/in-math-and-science-the-best-fend-for-themselves.html?hp&rref=opinion ) I am concerned that even the Times doesn’t see the problem.  Maybe they just have trouble believing how bad the integrity problem is.  Anyway, I commented on their recommendations, and I made a general comment.  Here they are. On the Times recommendation for more government support As a […]