Frank Bruni Thinks Learning LibArts Is Important? I Do Too, But Where Do You Go To Do That?

See From ‘Hamlet’ to Hillary –  for Bruni’s article. My comment: “As a former professor – and observer of higher education – I think that in 2015 you would be hard put to find the type of courses that your examples took, not in 2015. I recently posted (on my blog inside-higher-ed) a syllabus from […]

Is Princeton Proud of its Recommedation to Change Its Grading Policy?

I found this informative and quite humorous.  It’s by Angela Wang.  The complete article is here. “…The announcement [on Princeton’s new grading policy recommedation] came at a time when school is not in session and no press release was sent through the University’s usual channels announcing the report. A press release was sent later in the day […]

Princeton Grading Policy Change – Solving for the Winning Solution? And to What Problem?

There is a report in today’s New York Times.  It has links to the announcement by Princeton’s president, and to the faculty committee’s report. Princeton Is Proposing to End Limit on Giving A’s – The reason I ask if this is solving for the “winning solution” (See below for a definition) is that Princeton […]

Do Private Universities Face Financial Pressure? Certainly, Not All

Someone made this comment: “Private U[niversitities face a lot of pressure tor retain students, who then become alums and contribute to the school. A lot of pressure to retain tuition paying students” Here was my response:  (I should have qualified this statement by adding that some private schools do have financial problems.) “I don’t see […]

Do Princeton’s Administrators Pass Their Letters Through the “Office of Communications” Before Publication?

It seems like it from this,  If so, why? and what changes happen to the letters?  Does the Office just help adminstrators?  Are the administrators encouraged to seek help from “public relations”?  Is the “Office of Communications” just a marketing department?  I don’t know but it seems worrisome.  Here is my comment. ” This letter does a good […]

I Hope Princeton and its New President are Listening

I commented on the article . As I have posted before, I am concerned that Princeton faculty don’t see what is happening as clearly as the University of Chicago faculty saw in the nineties.  (See my post Princeton Giving Up on Using Grades As Motivation and Feedback? for Princeton and “Content Deflation” Part II:  University of […]

Princeton Giving Up on Using Grades As Motivation and Feedback?

“That is my worry.  I will state my position as briefly as I can:  If the same material is taught to similar students, then the times it is taught with a higher standard for an A, B, etc…. will be the times that, on average, more students will learn more.  Now on to what is happening at Princeton. The […]