Colleges Resist Federal Effort to Gauge Student Outcomes – WSJ

Source: Colleges Resist Federal Effort to Gauge Student Outcomes – WSJ Nothing new here to readers of this blog I wrote, Of course they don’t want anyone to know.  Want to see the smelly reason why? Just read “A Tale Out of School” (on my blog inside-higher-ed ) to get a realistic sense of how  “outcomes” […]

Excellent WSJ Article on AP

Follow this to the article. Here was my comment. I am a retired math professor who, for years, taught gifted high school students that had completed AP calculus and who went on to attend elite schools.  I have a blog (See below.) where, by clicking on the category “AP”, you can read about AP courses, […]

Is a Ph.D. Holder a Qualified Ph.D.? Not Always

As the supply of doctorate holders grows and their academic job prospects dwindle, schools take steps to help graduates find work beyond the academy. Source: Job-Seeking Ph.D. Holders Look to Life Outside School My comment. Advice from a retired math professor:  Don’t be fooled by a doctoral degree- or the offer of one. Here is […]

Demand for H1-B Skilled-Worker Visas Forces Agency Into Lottery – WSJ

U.S. demand for foreign skilled-worker visas surpassed the entire year’s mandated supply within five days, prompting the government to say it will award them through a lottery. Source: Demand for H1-B Skilled-Worker Visas Forces Agency Into Lottery – WSJ I wrote… To paraphrase, “It’s the flood of certification, and paucity of education, stupid.”  In other […]

Colleges Flex Lobbying Muscle – WSJ (Very Important)

College and universities have lobbied aggressively to beat back dozens of government proposals to measure their successes and failures, including a federal ratings system. Source: Colleges Flex Lobbying Muscle – WSJ See Bill Gross on the power of universities – see this to see how much revenue some of them receive yearly. I commented. Speaking […]

Who is Scamming Whom?

More U.S. campuses pay agents commissions to find foreign students—illegal when recruiting most Americans—but sometimes get phony applications, ghostwritten essays. Source: American Colleges Pay Agents to Woo Foreigners, Despite Fraud Risk I wrote the following. “Risk of Fraud“? Who is defrauding whom? If higher education wasn’t such a serious matter, it would be funny that […]

Grad-School Loan Binge Fans Debt Worries (It’s Just Another Symptom of the Real Problem – Corrupted Values in Higher Ed)

Graduate students represent just 14% of students in higher education but account for about 40% of the $1.19 trillion in student debt. Many seek government-loan forgiveness. Source: Grad-School Loan Binge Fans Debt Worries – WSJ Here is my comment  “..’What we’re doing is randomly subsidizing lots of people without careful thought,’ says Sandy Baum…” Wrong.  […]

The Watchdogs of College Education Rarely Bite – WSJ

Accreditors keep hundreds of colleges with low graduation rates or high loan defaults alive. Source: The Watchdogs of College Education Rarely Bite – WSJ It’s worse than graduation rates.  I wrote. The fish stinks from the head.  I know, I have taught at the head and the tail. The real stink comes more from not educating […]

Evidence That Schools That Educate Graduate Students Who Are in Big Demand

Uber…put up a billboard outside Carnegie Mellon’s computer-sciences building that said: “We are looking for the best software engineers in Pittsburgh.” Graduate students are being approached to work at the company. Source: Carnegie Mellon Reels After Uber Lures Away Researchers – WSJ This is a story about one of the top schools in computer science […]