Even More On AP Courses – From the New York Times

Today (January 18th) Tamar Lewin reported in the NY Times that Dartmouth will stop giving AP Credit.  What is more important is what Dartmouth found when they looked into how well students with a 5 on the AP had actually learned.  You can read that here:


The article goes on to report that “…The College Board, which administers the A.P. program, said it found the Dartmouth results hard to credit…”

 I will repeat here what I said on NPR (see my post http://www.inside-higher-ed.com/ap-calculus-courses-discussion-on-npr/):  I believe the reason so many college professors say that AP material is college level material is that they don’t teach college level material themselves.  This happens for many reasons and a complete explanation requires more space than I have here. (A very partial explanation can be found in my post http://www.inside-higher-ed.com/it-starts-in-18th-grade/)

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